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Assistance and claim declaration

Client MAIF (french insurance)

An insurance company must provide quick access and understand the needs of customers in times of emergency and stress. It can also be there in the moments afterwards, when the administrative part arrives.

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How to provide access to user needs? A complete rework of user journey and content offered to clients has been made.

The main objective is that the client finds informations when he needs assistance, to declare a claim or to seek information on a claim and find satisfaction in the answer

A satisfied customer in difficult times is a customer who will remain loyal to his insurance.
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These images allow you to see the formatting of certain achievements, however these are deliberately degraded to preserve the private aspect of this work.

How I proceed?
  • Collection of user needs by an external team
  • Workshops with professionals in contact with clients
  • Benchmark with wording and user journey analysis proposed by other insurances
  • Workshops with the marketing and communication part
  • User journey, work on content, UX writing
  • Wireframes
  • UI Design
  • Tagging with AT internet and Content Square to collect data
  • Writing specifications for the integration of the different pages in the CMS
  • Following the online monitoring and analysis of the data